Quality Assurance

RUS Mining Services is dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement for both customers and its own people. It is our policy to achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering a level of service, through established procedures and commitment that will exceed your expectations.

RUS Mining Services recognises that quality is a companywide responsibility. We achieve organisational excellence and quality awareness through innovative process improvements, training our people, offering competitive rates and true value for money to our clients and developing customer and employee satisfaction programs. The, RUS Mining Group will continually strive to improve its processes in all facets of its business units and is committed to achieving quality across all operations.

Being Quality Assurance (QA) certified, our clients can be confident in the quality of our service, products and employees. RUS Mining has adopted QA standards AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 and has been successful in becoming a Quality Assured Company under this standard.

This International Standard provides the structure of the quality system and incorporates training programs to enhance employee skills and its product delivery. It also assists in the selection of the optimum programs, services, materials and methods for each client’s particular requirements.

RUS Mining is now working to widen its certification to encompass its whole gamut of operations so that it becomes a significant innovator of products and services to the Australian Mining Sector.


RUS Mining Services is committed to achieving a culture of safety through its people, process and place of work. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees, subcontractors, stakeholders and the general public. To achieve this, we have adopted safe work practices across all our sites, ensured that appropriate training is delivered and that compliance with current legislation, codes and industry standards are being met.

As Safety is our number one priority; we have developed and maintained safe systems of work in line with local and international standards for both the general workplace and mining industries. As an equipment supplier to mining industry we also have implemented safety into our production practices so as to eliminate and control hazards at the design stage of our product.

To ensure ongoing safety performance we have established effective consultation with our workforce, subcontractors and stake holders through toolbox meetings and also set measurable annual targets with the aim of continually improving our health and safety performance.

Through the dedication and commitment of our project management teams, co-ordinators, supervisors and all mineworkers involved in past we have achieved 2 years LTI free milestones at our underground operations. No doubt, our commitment to safety has been the major contributing factor to ensuring safety is at the forefront of every successful mining operation or project involving RUS Mining Services.